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We’re a dev studio operating in Kelowna and San Francisco. We help startup founders bring their ideas to market quickly and effectively.

Recent Work

Over 15 years of experience building web and mobile products and leading technical teams. Here’s a showcase of our recent work.


Web & Mobile Development

End-to-end execution of web and mobile products, including front-end, back-end and mobile development.

UI/UX Design

Responsive web and mobile app design using modern best practices.

Product Management

Product strategy, planning, scoping and execution using agile development practices.

Lean Startup

Systematic testing, measurement, learning and iteration on the product.

System Design & Architecture

Choosing the best technology and frameworks for the job and laying down a solid technical foundation.

Team Building

Finding and recruiting technical leaders who can build and scale a world-class technical team.


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Have an idea and some capital? We can help you execute on your vision and bring your idea to market quickly and effectively.

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