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The Challenge

When we started looking at the financial services space, we quickly noticed a gap in the market. In today’s world, only wealthy individuals have access to proper financial planning. Everyone else who has less than $200k in investable assets, which includes most millennials, does not have access to good financial planners and advisors, as it’s currently not cost effective for advisors to serve these individuals. The most the average consumer can get access to is their bank’s retail advisor, but these advisors typically just sell the consumer their bank’s mutual funds rather than providing holistic and objective advice.

The Solution

Our solution is to build an app that helps the consumer put together a financial plan and then proactively coaches the consumer every month to stay on track. It’s like a personal trainer for your financial life. We’re using technology to automate what the traditional financial planner does manually today, thereby making it cost effective to serve the average consumer, including the millennial population.

Going beyond the robo-advisor

Robo-advisors like Wealthfront, Betterment, Future Advisor, Personal Capital and WealthSimple are taking off and they are great. When you know that you have $10k or more that you’re not planning to need in the next few years, robo-advisors give you an easy way to grow that money using a passive investment approach. They automate the asset allocation for you, using low-cost ETFs, and rebalance your portfolio over time. But they don’t help you make any decisions when it comes to your financial life.

What’s missing is the financial planning piece. To that end, we’re building the robo-planner. Our app uses a goal-based approach, helping the consumer identify their financial goals and put together strategies to achieve them. It then coaches the consumer every month to help them stay on track and adjust course when needed.

Going where the client is

We’re taking a B2B strategy and selling a white-labeled version of our financial planning app to banks and credit unions across North America, enabling them to:

Cost effectively attract, onboard & retain millennial clients with sub $200K accounts

Increase share of wallet from existing customers

Seamlessly automate investing/saving solutions and increase client retention

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