Your local event concierge

The Challenge

Local event discovery is still broken. On any given week, I find myself wondering what I should do this weekend – what are the best events happening around the city? If no interesting events, what other activities should I do? Event sites offer tickets to concerts and sporting events, but there’s curation, personalization or objective reviews. Local publications list the top events, but it’s hard to gauge the quality and appeal of each event. All in all, it takes a lot of time and effort to plan each weekend.

The Solution

Imagine a Songza-like experience for local events. You just pick the type of activity you’re interested in, like something adventurous, sporty or artsy, and the app suggests the best available activities. You pick and choose the interesting stuff and end up with a lineup of activities for the weekend. The app gets more intelligent over time by learning your preferences and automatically suggesting the best things to do.

Concept Design

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